3 Big Things: Rates steadied out after a rocky start to the week, but predicted to keep climbing, New guidelines on credit score requirements and how WE can help, plus Our favorite builder Hanover Family builders is now Landsea Homes!

Hey there, it’s Bruce Woodburn with CrossCountry Mortgage and it’s time for the three big things you need to know. Today I had an opportunity to work from my boat. It was really nice; I got a lot of work done. I stayed focused on work and helped a lot of folks.

  1. So, the first big thing you need to know interest rates kind of stayed steady this week a little rocky at the beginning of the week, they popped back up. Lost a few more basis points in the bond market but settled down on Thursday. Still a little bit remains to be seen how the end of the week is going to turn out. The Fed is still promising to raise the Fed rate. So, the first big thing you need to know is rates are still climbing and predicted to continue to climb. We still haven’t even seen the Fed hike the rates yet, but that’s looming and in the real near future. It’s the only thing that we can do to be able to hedge inflation. And inflation, as you know, is hitting us all in the pocketbook every day.
  2. Second big thing you need to know is there are some new valuations on credit score requirements and how they affect you and your purchasing power. The credit bureaus have all come up with a new guideline and they are really posting that anything under a 680 is not considered a good credit score. Well, the good news is that at cross country mortgage on our FHA programs, we don’t even have a credit score requirement. So, if you know somebody that’s struggling with credit, but is a good credit risk and has some money for down payment, or wants to refinance, please send them over to me. I do not have any overlays on FHA loans. If you’re qualifiable, I’m going to close your loan. We closed a loan last month at a 506 credit score and a month before at a 511 credit score. I don’t know any lenders in town that are doing that. So, send those clients over to me I’d be happy to help them.
  3. And the third big thing you need to know is Hanover Family Builders now Landsea Homes and is kicking butt and taking names. These guys are rockstars! We put five contracts together this week alone for them. If you have anybody out looking at property, please send them over to me. I’ll send you in the right direction to my friends at Hanover Family Builders. Great company. Great folks. One of the best production builders in Central Florida bar none.

Those are the three big things you need to know. Don’t forget me if you have any friends that need my help. I will be holding a class for real estate mastery on the 24th of this month. It’ll be a Zoom meeting at 6pm and I’m putting together a class for outreach for youth for 15- to 35-year-olds, that really just don’t feel like they’ve had any guidance or instructions on how to maintain and establish credit. That is going to be on April the 13th also on a Zoom meeting. Now these are all the things that nobody told us. Everything from balancing your checkbook, opening credit, establishing credit, what it takes to maintain good credit, saving money. Really all these things are so important to be able to establish wealth. You know, renting perpetuates poverty. Homeownership perpetuates wealth. Let me help you get to where you want to be. I’m in. Call me anytime. I’m always there to help you. Those are the three big things you need to know, have a great weekend.


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