3 Big Things: 1. Don’t let fear overcome you! Focus on your clients and keep your head up! 2. Rates are continuing to climb, but it’s a great time to invest in Real Estate. 3. Connect me with Realtors!

Hey there, it’s Bruce with CrossCountry Mortgage and it’s time for the three big things you need to know. I’m here in Miami Florida at a real estate and mortgage convention. This convention is all about drilling down on being the best we can be in business. It’s amazing to see what’s going on with the attitude of people, not only in my industry but across the country, in different industries. There’s a lot of people that are just a little bit afraid right now as to what’s going on. You know something, I don’t care what side of the fence you are politically. You know, there’s fear being struck in all of us from both sides. And I’m gonna tell you something fear has never really done well for me, we all have fear, we all have fear, we live in it, but I can tell you something, no matter what the circumstances were gonna come out of this and we’re gonna come out of this, okay. We’re gonna have some rough times.
  1. So my first big thing is, don’t let fear, get to you. Drill down to the basics and do the best you can at whatever it is you do. Just work a little harder and spend a little bit more time. Remember customer service is everything. So all of us should focus a little bit more on great follow up and letting our customers know how much we appreciate them.
  2. The second thing is, listen, we all know the Fed raised the Fed rate yesterday a half a point, they’re gonna raise it another half a point, we’re expecting three quarters of a point. It’s going to happen. Rates are going to continue to go up but it’s okay because housing prices are going to continue to rise as well. They may not rise as fast. I mean we may not have the appreciation that we’ve seen, but that was unrealistic appreciation. Just like the 2.5% interest rates were unrealistic interest rates. But I am still buying property, I just bought another one on the weekend. I am investing in real estate because I believe that Florida is a great place to live and I believe that we are going to continue to grow. We may see some dips, but I don’t care. Alright, it’s gonna happen we’re gonna appreciate and things are going to be fine.
  3. And then the third big thing you need to know is that if you know anybody in real estate, please do me a favor, connect me with them. I want to meet more great real estate agents. I’m having an event at Andretti Indoor Karting World. I’m using one of their business facilities and I’m bringing in the big guns so that we can learn how to use Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin in a real estate transaction. There’s a lot of different rules that apply to using Bitcoin and crypto in real estate that don’t apply to our typical transactions, but it’s here to stay and I want you guys to get the most out of it. So you must register at Webringyouhome.com That’s a May 10th event will be 5pm to about 6:30pm there will be crypto and cocktails within the organization and we’re gonna learn a lot and have a lot of fun. So if you can attend please let me know I do have  limited seats available and I’ve got about half of them already filled up.

Those are the three big things you need to know. Thank you for listening to and I look forward to seeing each and every one of you and hearing from you soon have a great day.

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