3 Big Things: Housing Market Update: avg sales price for Florida vs avg sales price nationally, Say Goodbye to refis!, and Your “Free” credit report could be costing you.

Hey there, it’s Bruce Woodburn with CrossCountry Mortgage and WDBO Radio and here are the three big things you need to know. Now, I gotta put my glasses on for this because I’m going to read you guys some economic statistics, what’s going on in the market and a couple of tips. So please stick with me and pay close attention. So these are the three big things you need to know for August, the 27th, Friday.
  1. So first big thing you need to know is that home sales were actually up by about 7,000 nationwide. Here was something that I found pretty interesting. Well, we only care about our local markets really, but just some average information nationwide. Your average median sales price was $390, but your average sale price was $446. So, looking at it, houses seem to be going up in price, but nationally we’re still under the national average here because we’re sitting a little bit over $300,000 right now and the national average is $446,000. All right, you got something to look forward to. There’s still money to be made by buying real estate. So that’s the first big thing you need to know.
  2. Second big thing, refis are going to be gone. So here’s why I’m telling you this. If you have procrastinated, maybe you’re too busy, I don’t care what your reason is and you haven’t refinanced yet. Please call me so I can help you refinance before these rates do go up because they are predicted to go up. It’s all over the economic news that there is an end date, just nobody knows really when it is, but they’re pretty sure it’s coming soon. So if you have a friend, family or client, send them to me, I’ll take really good care of them. I’ve got amazing interest rates and I’d be happy to help you out with them.
  3. Then the third big thing you need to know, this is gonna hit all of you right where it belongs. So I don’t know about you, but I just hate to have my private data sold. You find that you get your private data sold and you don’t like it. Okay. You don’t like it. It feels like an invasion of our privacy. And one of the things that happens when you get a mortgage or you apply for a credit card or you apply for a loan to get a car, is that you seem to get a whole bunch of phone calls from other companies that want to sell you something. It happens to me with my clients. I pull your credit and next thing you know, you got 25 people calling you saying, “hey listen you want to buy a house, you need a mortgage. I can help you with the mortgage”. That’s called trigger leads and mortgage companies buy them. So do finance companies for cars. But mortgage companies buy these trigger leads. First of all, I do not buy trigger leads because I don’t want somebody selling my information, so I don’t buy it because I’m buying into the whatever it is. But when you apply for a loan, Equifax trans union and Experian, believe that your data is their data, not yours. It’s their data and they sell your information. You can opt out of that, you should opt out of it and you should opt out of having phone solicitors or robocalls if you haven’t done that already. But now I want to share something with you. So oftentimes I’m talking to a client, I go, “hey, you know, what do you think your credit is?” “I don’t know. I think my credit’s pretty good. I got a 750 credit score.” “Oh great. How did you get that?” “Well I get it because of my credit card or I get it because I have credit karma or one of those services.” “Oh great. So you have credit karma. Do you know what credit karma is? They’re not a credit reporting agency. They’re a data company selling your information.” If you’re getting your credit report for free, where are they getting their money from? Come on they’re advertising on every station every day. That takes millions and millions of dollars to do that. So where is the money coming from? You are giving them permission to sell your data. So when you get something for free, you’re not getting for it for free. You are either buying an ad or you are the ad.

That’s the three big things you need to know. Have a great day. Hope that was helpful. Don’t forget to send your friends and family over to me for the last minute Refi. And if you’re looking to buy a home, I would love to help you or your family members with your new mortgage. That’s what I’m here for and I’m committed to excellence for you. Have an awesome day.

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