3 Big Things: How to gain financial freedom, What are interest rates doing? and the Federal Reserve released their job claims.

All right, it’s time for the three big things you need to know. I hope these are valuable to you. I’m gonna make it short and sweet this week because these are some impactful things that affect all of us. So, we’re gonna talk about new jobs created in the United States and the report that the Fed came out with, What are interest rates doing and how to gain financial freedom. Alright. Starting with financial freedom. I am holding my wealth building class on December 1st. It will be a zoom class. You must register it. WeBringYouHome.com. Now this financial freedom class is designed to help you gain wealth and income when you retire, It’s a guarantee. It’s a no brainer. It’s the easiest possible way to establish wealth and retire with a substantial income coming in that you can pass on to your family. I’m 10th grade dropout and I did it. That means you can do it. I’m going to show you how to do it. If you know anybody in their twenties or thirties and they have not enrolled in this class, get them in right away. I promise you it will change their life.
Second thing is, what are interest rates doing? Well, interest rates are holding steady and they’re still unbelievable. Quite frankly, in some cases they even improved this week. So if you didn’t think they could get
better, they might have got a little bit better. So call me right away. If you have not secured a refinance or if you’re buying a home and you haven’t locked your rate in yet. Give me a call. I want to make sure you’re always getting the best possible interest rate. And then the third thing is that the federal reserve came out with their job claims and jobs were up by 231,000 new jobs last month. Now here’s the thing I don’t understand. Where did these people go to work? Everybody’s saying they can’t find any help. Nobody’s showing up for work, restaurants are short of people. I tried to send some business over to some financial planners and CPAs and they’re overloaded. I don’t know where these people went to work. But the government is saying 231,000 people got new jobs. Well congratulations to you. Call me and let me know where you went to work, I’m curious to know that. I hope these three big things you need to know were impactful, helpful and useful for you. Don’t forget to register at WeBringYouHome.com. Don’t forget if you haven’t refinanced yet. Now’s a great time to do it. If you haven’t locked in your purchase transaction yet. Don’t stop. I am committed to helping everyone get into a home by New Years and I can do it right now. Just apply at WeBringYouHome.com. Have a great weekend!

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