3 Big Things: Interest rates are still very attractive, we have renovation loans and we make it easy for you to build your own home.

Hey, it’s Bruce Woodburn with CrossCountry Mortgage and WDBO Radio. With the three big things you need to know.

  1. What a great week, we had some great interest rates moving into the beginning of this week. There’s some quantitative easing in the market, but we keep popping up against that 200 day moving average on the bond market and interest rates drop and then they hit that ceiling and then they go right back up again. So it’s a volatile market. There’s a lot of economic news that’s going on this month with the Fed. Consumer price, unemployment, Chicago price index, all kinds of different economic factors that change what’s going on in the bond market, which affects interest rates, either positively or negatively. So we saw some good days. We saw some not so good days, but overall interest rates are still very attractive and it’s a good time to buy and it’s a good time to refinance. So that’s the first thing that you need to know.
  2. Second thing, I want to talk to you about renovation loans because there’s a lot of folks out there, you just can’t find the house that you want. You think you might want to move up, but maybe you want to do a renovation because you don’t want to get into you know the rat race of buying another property so you want to renovate. I’ve got renovation loans, I’ve got renovation for FHA and I’ve got renovation for conventional loans. We do them all in house at CrossCountry Mortgage. So it might be a good idea that you keep the house you have and turn around and do the renovations that you want to make it just the way you want it, that’s an option.
  3. Or maybe it’s time to build your own home. I’ve got unbelievable construction perm loans. You know most banks and lenders don’t even offer construction perms and the ones that do, they need exemplary credit and tons of money down. I’ve got conventional loans with as little as 10% down. I’ve got FHA Loans with 5% down, I’ve got V. A. Construction Perm with 5% down. I don’t know anybody that’s got those programs, but I do and I want to walk you through the steps so that if you are considering maybe this is a time to cash in on all that equity you have in your house or sell it and build your dream home. Now might be the perfect time to do that. I’ve got the programs, you call me and I’ll help you. I also teach classes on construction perms. So if you want to know more about it, check my website out at WeBringYouHome.com and register for my next construction perm class. If you’re a real state agent, you should know about this. If you want to build your own home and you don’t own a lot, I’ll show you how to include the lot in the construction loan. You already own your lot, you may have equity and that’s used as down payment. We have tons of options. Just give me a call or apply online that’s WeBringYouHome.com.

Hope you have an amazing weekend and I’m really looking forward to hearing from each and every one of you. I’ll talk to you soon. Take care.

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