3 Big Things: Mobile home Mania and Condo Confusion

Bruce Woodburn here, at CrossCountry Mortgage. I’m The Loan Arranger with WDBO radio and it’s time for the three big things you need to know. Pay attention real estate agents and anybody looking to buy a home out there right now. So here’s the real deal. Okay, number one big thing you need to know, I have a couple of tickets left for the K92.3 All Star Jam that I’d love to give away to some of my loyal clients out there. So if you’re interested, text me right now at 407-250-9144. Second big thing you need to know. Pay attention to this. The Fed’s meeting on September 12th and guess what they’re planning on doing? You got it, hiking rates, probably another three quarters of a point. So what’s happening is the market starting to build it in right now. I’m getting more calls for 2-1 buy downs and adjustable rate mortgages. Here’s the reality of it. We can entertain any one of those for you or your clients, but I’m anticipating that everybody that’s getting a mortgage right now is likely going to be refinancing anyway. So why pay extra for something that we’re going to redo on a future date. Now? Third big thing, you need to know, this is a big one. Condo confusion and mobile home mania. Okay. You want to know the truth about how to navigate whether you are a real estate agent or a client wanting to purchase a mobile home or condominium and we’re seeing a lot more of that because the price of houses have gone up, interest rates have gone up. So people think they can get into a condo or a mobile home for a lot cheaper and you very well may, but there’s completely different rules and guidelines when it comes to condos and mobile homes. If you want to know how to navigate that and be a true trusted advisor to your clients, then come to my class on September 20th at Tibbys in Winter park at 11:30am, be there! Register now at WeBringYouHome.com, that’s WeBringYouHome.com. Register now for my mobile home mania and condominium confusion class. We’re going to dispel the myths. See you then.
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