3 BIG Things You Need to Know This Week – April 2nd, 2021

Well, hello there. This is Bruce Woodburn with CrossCountry Mortgage. I am The Loan Arranger, today is Friday, April 2nd, and these are the three big things you need to know. So, hey, I always want to keep my realtors, clients and my builder partners informed, and I want to make sure that I’m always bringing value to the table so that you are better prepared when you are considering buying refinancing or helping a client purchase a home or maybe even sell a home. So here’s your three big things you need to know for today.

  1. So first thing is I’ve added on several new builders to my construction perm program, and I want to just kind of promote these builders, because if you’re considering building your own home on your own lot or finding a lot and building on a lot, you need a good builder. So here’s a couple of new builders I picked up. I met this guy that I’ve signed up that I really like, his name is Chris Zorn with Zorn Construction, and he’s building mostly in Ocala. He’s building from like $250 to $350. Where can you find a house for that anymore? This is brand new construction homes that are 3/2 to 4/3. Really cool stuff and I’m excited to be working with him. He’s got several projects in the ground already. You have any questions, you just give me a call on the Ocala Market. Next, I’ve got Eastern Homes, John Morris. Fantastic builder in Wedgefield, Winter Springs and all over Central Florida. Custom and semi custom builder. This guy is super cool and I like this guy a lot. Okay, that would be for semi custom and custom homes. We’ve also got Caliber Homes. They cover the East Coast Cocoa, Melbourne, Palm Bay all that area is Caliber Homes. That’s Tom Walter there. You want to build a great home? He’ll help you find a lot or he’ll build on your lot. He’s fantastic guy, I like this guy a lot and I know that you’ll like him a lot as well, if you’re considering building there. Also, Adobe Homes is in that same area there. We just got them signed up. Really cool guy who’s been building for like 35 years, okay. Now I want to introduce you to another builder that’s more on the production side in the Town home arena. They’re in the Davenport and Kissimmee area. This is a company called CFB Homes. Now these guys are young company building, really cool homes. Now, how would you like Sanford town homes right near waterfront for $265 to $285. I mean, come on. And then I’ve got my Hanover Family Builders, they’re my great production home builder. They’ll pay $8 to $10,000 in closing costs by using Bruce Woodburn, CrossCountry Mortgage, The Loan Arranger. It just doesn’t get any better than that. You guys, you don’t want to be in the rat race of being up against five other other other offers on every property. Call me and I’ll hook you up with somebody and we’ll build your own home on your own lot, no problem. We can do it. That’s the first big thing you need to know.
  2. Second big thing you need to know is why you should be using Bruce Woodburn Cross Country Mortgage for your mortgage or, if you’re a real estate agent, referring your clients to him. Pretty easy reason. Been in the business 32 years, I’ve closed more than 9,000 transactions, I’m rated 4.5 on Google, 4.9 on Zillow, I’ve got my own YouTube channel and I’ve got my own podcast. I’m now on Spotify. I’m also on two channels broadcasting on six radio stations doing nothing but informing the public on how to save money in real estate. You want to team up with a great person? Bruce Woodburn, CrossCountry Mortgage. I am The Loan Arranger. That’s the second big thing you need to know.
  3. And the third big thing you need to know is what are rates doing right now. It’s really important that you’ve got an idea of what rates are doing. Well, I can tell you one thing. They ain’t going down, all right. But the good news is we had a pretty steady week this week, didn’t see a lot of change from last week. So if you are buying a home right now and you’re getting a 30 year conventional loan and you’ve got good credit, you’re gonna be somewhere in the low to mid threes right now, okay. A little different than three or four weeks ago. So, with a 15 year, you can still get in the twos, High twos or low threes. Great opportunity for 15 years. If you want to refinance, it’s still one of the best loans out there. Then we’ve got FHA loans. Listen, with FHA loans. a lot of lenders won’t go any lower than a 620 credit score, some will go to 600. Almost none will go below 580 or even at 580. Me, I don’t have a credit score requirement. If I can get you approved, I’ll close your loan. I closed one 2 weeks ago that had a 511 credit score. I didn’t even think it was gonna happen, I’ll be honest with you. I did not think that was going to happen and it happened. That a client put a fair amount of money down, had a great realtor on the other end, my friend George Freelove, and he helped us through the process as well. And that was a repeat customer and a family member of the repeat customer. Then you got VA loans. I love helping veterans. I’m committed to helping you. People say they want help veterans, I put my money where my mouth is. I’ll help you as a veteran. Veterans can get in the low to mid threes, depending on credit score. Then we got our construction perm products that’s build on your own lot or go find a lot and we’ll build a custom home for you. We can do that here. Bruce Woodburn, The Loan Arranger, CrossCountry mortgage, I’ll help you with that. I’ll team up with one of my builders that I mentioned earlier. Construction perms are running from 3.75 to 3.875%. AND conventional, FHA and VA construction perm. Show me somebody else that will do that kind of loan. I don’t think they’re out there.

This is Bruce Woodburn, CrossCountry Mortgage, The Loan arranger, until next week. You have a great weekend. Those are the three big things you need to know. Have a great day. Need me? Call me on my cell phone 407-250-9144 That’s 407-250-9144 or visit my website that’s WeBringYouHome.com. There’s a lot of resources on my website. Anything to do with real estate, you’ll find it there. Have a great weekend!

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