3 BIG Things You Need to Know This Week – April 9th, 2021

Hey there, Bruce Woodburn, The Loan Arranger with CrossCountry Mortgage. Today is Friday the ninth and again on Fridays, I always want to bring value to the table with the three big things you need to know. So let’s get right to it, the Three big things you need to know.

  1. First of all, some dates. If you are not interested in being one of many people that are making offers on the same property or you don’t want to buy a production home that is the same as every other home in the neighborhood or every fifth home in the neighborhood with a garage on the opposite side of the house. Maybe you would consider buying a lot or finding a lot and building your own home. You know, there’s huge opportunities out there, so it can expand your opportunities. So if you’re considering that, that might be something you’re interested in or your real estate agent and you just don’t understand how construction to perm loans work, then attend my class. I’m holding a zoom class on April the 20th at 6 p.m., April 20th at 6p.m. Visit WeBringYouHome.com, go to events and register right away, limited seats are available. Second thing is if you are a real estate agent and you don’t want to get caught with your pants down because your clients know more about what’s available and financing than you do. Or they know more about what’s going on with appraisals or changes in guidelines for Covid. Bring yourself up to speed. I’m holding my advanced mortgage strategy class for real estate agents on April 22nd at 10 a.m. Third thing is if you’re not already already a millionaire, but you’d like to be a millionaire, Let me show you the easy way to do it. I’ll show you my steps to my leapfrog program on how you can become a millionaire. The easiest possible way. So listen, you guys all know, for those of you who know me, I’m 10th grade drop out. I’m not the smartest guy in the classroom, certainly not by far. But one thing I do understand, is I understand how money works and how to get other people to help me get rich. If you want that in your life, then let me show you how my leapfrog program works. It’s almost foolproof. Okay. I’m a pretty simple guy. It’s got to be foolproof for me. It’s got to be push button, get results. I’ll show you how to develop wealth in real estate, the easy way, no games. You don’t have to buy any CDs, I don’t even have any CDs. All right, you don’t have to subscribe to some ongoing thing where you pay money. I’m just going to share my successes and my failures so that I can help walk you through the process that I went through to develop and obtain wealth in real estate. I’ll show you how to become a millionaire in 20 years or less. You’ll have over two point million dollars in free and clear property and you’ll have $15 to $20,000 a month in income coming in just from your rental properties. It’s a no brainer. You got to do it. That is April 28th 6PM evening class on zoom. Register at WeBringYouHome.com. That’s the first big thing you need to know.
  2. Second big thing you need to know is rates are still great, right? So it’s time to buy. It’s time to refi don’t hesitate call me at my office. I promise you I’ll walk you through the process and I guarantee you amazing service.
  3. Third big thing you need to know. This is where I seek help from you okay? I like to give to you, but I also want to see if you can help me too. So I’m want to help my clients, my realtors and their clients connect with more people. So I am seeking professionals that I will feel comfortable in referring to you. So here’s some of the things I’m looking for. I’m looking for more CPAs and tax prepares that I like and trust. I will interview you and I’ll make sure you’re a right fit for my clients for a referral. That goes with all of these requests that I’m making. I need some good landscapers. Now I need some from different parts of the market so I can help you guys, because I know a landscaper is something we all need. I’m also looking for pool maintenance, Air Conditioning Repair, a handyman, dry wallers, painters and appliance repair people. I had good appliance repair person, I loved my guy Ronnie, he retired. Okay, I need a good appliance repair person, garage door repair people, sliding glass door repair people, security systems companies that will take really good care of my people, roof contractors, reliable, good price roof contractors, reliable gutters, that’s gutter installation, maybe gutter cleaning, plumbers and electricians. My list does go on, but I’m seeking to help them and you may know people that you can refer to me. The very last thing is I am looking to hire. I prefer bilingual. I’m just gonna be honest with you, I got a huge Hispanic clientele out there and I want to cater to you and my Spanish really is terrible. Okay. I’ll just admit it. But I’m looking to hire people on as loan officer assistants, loan officers and processors. I’m looking for talent on my team full time and I will train you. It’s a 6 to 12 month training program and unbelievable opportunity for you.

I’m Bruce Woodburn, The Loan Arranger. That is the three big things you need to know have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week. Same time, Same place, have a good weekend.

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