3 Big Things – Learn how you can become the winning offer in a multiple offer situation – Bruce Woodburn, The Loan Arranger

Good afternoon, it’s Bruce Woodburn with CrossCountry mortgage and WDBO radio Saturdays at noon and Sundays at 11 o’clock. It’s time for the three big things you need to know.
  1. So first big thing you need to know is that we are seeing a greater opportunity for clients to become the winning offer in a multiple offer situation when you’re buying a home and you’re up against several other offers by getting your mortgage fully approved, not just pre approved, in advance. I want to be able help my buyers, because it’s frustrating for people wanting to buy a home when you’re getting knocked out one after another, after another and it’s discouraging. So what I’ve done is I have a fast track loan program, that’s a FULL loan approval. I guarantee, if you go through that program, I guarantee the seller you’re gonna close on time. And if you go through my fast track program, you can contact me for details on it, but I will show you a way that I can increase the chances on you becoming the winning offer by up to 70%. It’s pretty cool.
  2. Second big thing you need to know is that forbearances are still happening. There’s still about 5% of the market with mortgages in forbearance right now. But that’s slowly dropping. However, there is a reinsurgance of new people that are starting to come in that still don’t have employment. My advice is, if you’re in forbearance, get out. So many people I’m seeing missing out on opportunities to lower their rate and buy homes because they went into forbearance. Get out of it. Unless you lost your job, don’t do it.
  3. And the third big thing you need to know is it’s memorial weekend. It’s a long weekend. Be safe, be patient, be patient on the road, be patient if you’re out boating, I’m gonna be out boating this week. Be patient out there. Right? Let’s be safe. Let’s come home. Let’s take some great time away from work, come back to work on Tuesday, completely refreshed, enjoy your long weekend, but be safe.

Bruce Woodburn, CrossCountry Mortgage & WDBO Radio. Always here for you. Hope the three big things you need to know helps you have a great weekend.

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